The GeoCore X10 is a very efficient assay lab-in-a-box

The GeoCore X10 delivers digital geology at the touch of a button. Evolving from medical imaging technology, the GeoCore X10 provides on-site structural 3D imaging, geochemical drill core sample analysis. It’s non-destructive capability preserves the bed rock formation, whilst allowing 100% of the extracted drill core sample material to be analysed.

How it works

A batch of four core samples can be easily scanned and analysed in 60 minutes. Within hours of the sample being drilled, drill core data can be transmitted anywhere in the world. The Geocore X10 dramatically reduces the time taken to analyse drill core samples using traditional processes.

Core data

The GeoCore X10 assists in the core logging process providing an unprecedented wealth of information early in the process. This feeds into more accurate geo modelling, linking exploration with other downstream domains in the minerals value chain. The goal is to extract as much information as possible allowing for miners and explorers to make informed decisions, increase efficiency and productivity, contributing to a more sustainable mining process in the doing.

Fast results

A batch of four cores completes in 60 minutes. And cores can be scanned directly after hole extraction – no cutting, pulverizing or prepping.

On-site use

Bring the GeoCore X10 to your cores instead of the other way around. It’s designed for reliable on-site use.


Drill cores are scanned without any destructive preparation, which means that you can retain a complete core library for future reference.

Interior scan

The GeoCore X10 scans surface to center, revealing the drill core’s interior, not only the surface like most other technologies.

The next step in digital mining

The scanner is operated using a single rotary push-button. The operator is guided by the easy to use graphical user interface. Load the scanner with up to four 1-meter samples and with a few button clicks the analysis is under way.

All tests at once

One scan. That’s all it takes to learn almost everything there is to know about the core; its elemental composition, the mineralogy, its geological structure, its texture, and its density. And it’s all stored as digital information, instantly available for you to explore at will.

+65 elements

+4000 minerals

15 min scanning time

+1 g/t detection record


The machines only needs a standard power cord and ethernet connection attached, and is then online. With remote access from anywhere in the world, the machine’s performance, health and productivity is continuously monitored.

Technical specifications

Size (H x W x D) 1965 x 1120 x 863 mm

Weight 550 kg (1212 lbs)

Power 110 – 230 VAC, 6 Amp

Operating environment 0 – 35 ºC

Physical network IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s)

Physical data transfer Removable USB 3.0 SSD

Drill core diameter max NQ2 (50 mm)

Drill core length max 1000 mm

Magazine up to 4 drill cores

3D voxel resolution 200 micrometer

Scanning specification

Technology Attenuation and XRF combined measurement using X-rays