100% drill core analysis

Digitise your core using our drill core scanner GeoCore X10 together with our software Orexplore Insight®. Within the hour of extraction, the drill core may be analysed and made available to a user on or off site.

Our analysis software Orexplore Insight®

Our mission is extracting as much information from the rock as possible and make that digital geology available at your fingertips.

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Discover Orexplore Insight®

The Orexplore Insight®️ software brings powerful visualisation and interpretation of your analysis results. In addition to interacting with the data in 3D, Orexplore Insight®️ also provides comprehensive elemental concentration and density data. The data is available wherever you are and 2D data can easily be exported to geo modelling software.

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Orexplore Insight® presents structures, density, concentrations and textural features

This powerful combination of information is achieved in one scan and made available for interrogation in our Orexplore Insight® software. Navigate along the digitised drill hole to identify interesting areas and zoom to enhance required details.

Geological structures in 3D

High-resolution transparent 3D imaging allow you to identify and analyze internal geological structural properties, such as planar and linear features.

Elemental Concentrations

The data is achieved combining X-ray tomography, X-ray fluorescence and the measured weight of the samples, to form a mineral model of the entire volume of the drill cores.

Rock Density

Measured density is produced for the whole sample length. Estimated density is produced over 8 mm segments.


Properties such as particle size and directional distribution, as well as particle shape can be extracted from the 3D data.

Work from anywhere

With our software analysis tool Orexplore Insight®️, you can easily access data from your laptop or a local network. Data can quickly be shared with experts regardless of the mine location.

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Orexplore Work from anywhere
Orexplore Work from anywhere
Orexplore Insight work from anywhere

How your data is securely and easily accessible

Orexplore services are designed to work in remote locations and have flexible options for data storage and transfer.

Data Access & Storage

Data stored on local heavy duty servers are mirrored to an off-site data warehouse of your choice, to enable seamless data sharing within your organisation.

Orexplore Data Access & Storage

The easy-to-use GeoCore X10 is a multi-sensor scanner for immediate in-depth analysis of drill cores. The generated information far exceeds that of traditional labs.


+65 elements

+4000 minerals

15 min scanning time

+1 g/t detection record

Easy to use

The scanner is operated using a single rotary push-button. The operator is guided by the easy-to-use graphical user interface. Load the scanner with up to four 1-meter samples and with a few button clicks the analysis is under way.

One scan - that’s it

One scan. All post-processing is completed during the scan process, the output is the finished product – its elemental composition, mineralogy, geological structure, texture and its density. And it’s all stored as digital information, instantly available for you to explore at will.

Detection limit

Some elements are easier to differentiate and count than others, and that’s why the GeoCore X10 exhibits different elemental detection levels across the periodic table.

The Technology

The basis of the Orexplore technology is what we call AXM, Attenuation and X-ray fluorescence combined Measurement, a unique and patented method. It combines two proven X-ray detection techniques, high-energy X-ray fluorescence and X-ray transmission detection, applying 3D reconstruction, in a new way.

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Build geological confidence

Comprehensive near-real time mineral information integrated with state-of-the-art geo-modelling software, creates an innovative digital workplace and related tools for geologists and engineers. This enables new opportunities for resource efficient solutions throughout the entire mineral value chain. Our strong belief is that we will increase your mineral resource value by minimising geological uncertainty.

Orexplore Mineral data value chain

Case story – Hellas Gold

See the GeoCore X10 in action at Hellas Gold's Stratoni Halkidiki site as part of the ambitious X-Mine project.

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