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GeoCore X10

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1. Pay as you go

Send your core trays to one of our labs in Perth, Australia or in Stockholm, Sweden.

This service is suitable for smaller mining operations, juniors or for more one-off projects. Depending on your requirements, we can provide anything from a scanning-only service to a full geological interpretation of the results.

Fast turnaround

This service is beneficial if you want to try out the scanning methodology for a specific site, test a hypothesis or get your drill cores scanned on a regular basis. The labs are capable of handling varying quantities of drill cores to meet your demand.  

The scanning is non-destructive, and no cutting or preparation is required.

2. Your own on-site lab

Take advantage of a GeoCore X10 at your own site, pre-configured and fully serviced.

We deploy a pre-configured GeoCore X10 at your chosen site and configure the IT infrastructure to manage secure transmission of analysis data. The machine can be located in an Orexplore climatized shipping container, in a core shed or in your office.

Continuous results

The mineral analysis is offered on a wet-hire basis. This means that you only need to deliver the drill cores to the scanning station and collect them after scanning. We take care of the rest. All results are made available via the Orexplore Insight application.

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