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Has it been Orexplored?

The mining industry is facing something of a revolution when it comes to digitalization of data.

Machinery is becoming smarter and new tools are constantly being introduced to help make both exploration and mining more efficient. The GeoCore X10 is a primarily a tool designed for geologists, but it provides information for many stakeholders in the industry.

It’s probably safe to say that the industry is facing some interesting challenges as it moves forward. For example, how will established processes change when you have access to a full assay analysis an hour after a drill core comes out of the ground?

The geologist

Everything begins with quality exploration data. Identifying a target and progressing it to a resource is a time and labor-intensive activity involving a number of phases of drilling of increasing levels of confidence in the technique and the results the drilling provides. Decisions made at these early stages can have large implications when trying to exploit the resource.

The level of detail that is applied in exploration models is set by the practical limitations of a number of factors. A big one of these is cost. The cost of increasing the resolution (and confidence) of your model with infill drilling was previously a matter of justifying the cost of a new hole. The previously drilled cores could potentially never be revisited as they could be missing or fully destroyed for low-level detail assay results. Field geologists had to make decisions before they knew the implications. How many of us have later regretted not using a larger suite of pathfinder elements?


So start asking the question: “Has it been Orexplored?”

By scanning potentially critical drill holes with the GeoCore X10 you can collect high quality 200µm 3D tomographic images with deep XRF elemental assay data. Go back and take a look at the whole core scan whenever you need to, at a level you’ve never before had. When it comes to de-risking, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The mining executive

The economics of investigating the technical feasibility of a merger or acquisition often comes down to how good the data is. With the majority of undeveloped prospects in the market today showing hand-drawn cross sections from the mid-1900’s and distances in chains or leagues, or maps with “here be dragons” – it’s hard to trust.

Getting hold of the old core, scanning it non-destructively, and getting your own geologists to do their own interpretation, can sidestep the reliance on poor historical data. This frees you up to ask one simple question – has it been Orexplored?

Even when you are investigating progressing an internal prospect, you come across bias from the people pushing a project. The glossy cross-sections produced in Photoshop go some way to illustrating the general setting, but imagine being shown the actual physical expression of the orebody intercepts in 3D as justification?

Orexplore offers something unique to everybody involved in the exploration and mining process, from proving early exploration results to investigating structural controls on an orebody, incorporating millimeter assay results into building block models, to demonstrating your understanding to investors and executive boards.

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Feb 22, 2018

First GeoCore X10 arrives in Australia

The first GeoCore X10 has now arrived at our offices in Perth, Australia. If you're interested in seeing it in action, you're more than welcome to drop by for a test run. Bring your own drill core (max diameter NQ2) and we'll analyze it together!