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The next step in digital mining

The GeoCore X10 is essentially a very efficient assay lab-in-a-box. But where traditional labs perform a collection of tests on a small pulverized sample, we use a patented X-ray technology to provide you with a wealth of information for the drill core you’ve just extracted.

All tests at once

One scan. That’s all it takes to learn almost everything there is to know about the core; its elemental composition, the mineralogy, its geological structure, its texture, and its density. And it’s all stored as digital information, instantly available for you to explore at will.

Orexplore Insight®

The Orexplore Insight® application brings powerful visualization to your analysis results. In addition to interactive 3D structure views, Insight also provides you with comprehensive element concentration data, and the ability to find the true boundaries of mineralizations.

3D visualization

Interactive and customizable 3D views. See elemental concentrations, structures, and minerals in a whole new way.

Data viewer

Insight contains a multitude of tables, graphs, and diagrams to view and analyse data.


The GeoCore X10 is an extremely accurate instrument and can easily detect concentrations down to 10 ppm levels, and the high-resolution X-ray detector makes it easy to see fine details within the rock that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Accuracy is a function of scanning time, i.e. the longer the scan, the higher the accuracy. This gives geologists to option to manipulate scanning times to adjust scanning to their workflow. If time is of the essence you might choose a scenario where you do quick overview scans and then rescan interesting cores for more detailed information when you have more time.

Read more about detection levels.

Moving data

The GeoCore X10 is designed to work in remote locations and has several flexible options for data storage and data transfer.

The data generated by the GeoCore X10’s high-resolution scanning engine is transferred to a central server where it can be easily accessed by the Orexplore Insight analysis software. At sites where there is a fast network connection available, this is done automatically.

Remote locations

In other locations, where there is no network available or it is too slow, the GeoCore X10 provides another option. In such situations, the GeoCore X10 can store its data locally on easily removable SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives, which can then be transported and uploaded to a central server where a fast network is available. The drives can even be shipped directly to an Orexplore office for immediate uploading.

Viewing scanning data in Orexplore Insight

Once the data is available on the central server, it can be easily accessed by the Orexplore Insight application for further analysis. Data can even be downloaded locally to your laptop for off-line work.

Server storage

Once data is securely stored on a central server, it can be accessed by the Orexplore Insight application for both on-line and off-line analysis.

SSD hard drive

When no network is available, the GeoCore X10 can store data on a removable SSD hard drive. After a scanning session is finished, simply remove the drive and upload its content to a central server.

Data security

Data security is a very important factor in the ditialization of the mining industry and Orexplore has implemented several safe-guards to ensure the integrity of your scanning data.

Data truly is the new gold. As more and more sensitive information is stored digitally, it’s becoming even more important to safeguard both the integrity and access to mission-critical data. Orexplore is continuously working to comply with best practices of the security industry to ensure that your information stays safe.


All data transferred over the internet is protected by strong encryption to prevent eavesdropping or tampering.

Restricted access

Authorization policies ensure that each client’s data is not accessible by anybody else but themselves.

Data safety

Continuous backups ensure that data isn’t lost or misplaced.

Exporting your data

Insight works well with most mine planning and resource systems and you can export data in several standard formats. This makes it easy to transfer drill hole information, elemental concentrations, geostructural information, and much more.

Most geologists today use a combination of professional mining software and Excel to organize and analyze information. Insight’s easy to use data export is designed to simplify the process of transferring data to other applications you work with.

Vulcan from Maptek
Surpac from 3DS
ArcGIS from Esri
Applications from DataMine

MineMap from MineMap
Leapfrog GEO from Leapfrog
Move from Midland


GeoCore X10

Technical specifications

Size (H x W x D) 1965 x 1120 x 863 mm
Weight 550 kg (1212 lbs)
Power 110 – 230 VAC, 6 Amp

Operating environment 0 – 35 ºC
Physical network IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s)
Physical data transfer Removable USB 3.0 SSD

Drill core diameter max NQ2 (50 mm)
Drill core length max 1000 mm
Magazine up to 4 drill cores

3D voxel resolution 200 micrometer

Scanning specification

TechnologyAttenuation and XRF combined measurement using X-rays

Insight software

Technical specifications

Hardware (min. requirement)P2 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 3D graphics card (OpenGL 3.2)

SoftwareDownloadable on request
Operating system Windows 10, Mac/OS X, and Linux


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