GeoCore X10 detail

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GeoCore X10

Rock texture

Textural features

The GeoCore X10’s 3D visualization capability reveals realms of information about the internal composition and distribution of grains in the core. Rather than be limited to visual surface inspections of drill cores, you now have the ability to see any features inside the core and put them in a 3D context.

Exploring rock texture

The ability to examine the internal volume of the rock for features such as mineral grain size distribution and sizing can help paint a clearer picture of the character of the rock, all in the third dimension, meaning you no longer need to half-cut the rock for a good view.

The texture of the rock viewed in 3D as well can provide amazing insights into fabrics and other patterns that might not be externally evident except with detailed physical investigation or thin section work.

Gangue textures

The most commercially applicable use of the GeoCore X10’s ability to see inside core is to gain a never-before-seen view into the fringe zones of your orebody. Being able to directly observe the textural changes in 3D, in combination with any structural and mineralogical changes, gives metallurgists and geologists convenient and unparalleled information to guide their conclusions, to empower better decisions in modeling and forecasting.

Grain size

3D tomography enables the detailed study of individual minerals and their grain size.

Grain size distribution

Study grain size variations and distribution in 3D.


Directly observe the character and expression of your mineralized boundaries in full 3D. Use this to drive better understanding.

Metamorphic Textures

Metamorphic textures, regrowth of certain minerals… Have you ever seen a euhedral garnet inside a piece of rock before? Now you can!