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GeoCore X10


Mineral detection

The GeoCore X10 will detect and differentiate minerals present in the drill core, allowing you to learn more about their concentration, size, shape, location, and distribution in 3D. Whether you’re tracking minerals for exploration clues, or manage an ore extraction process, this information can prove very important.

3D Visualisation

The GeoCore X10 will provide a best suggestion on what minerals it is you see in the 3D image of the drill core. Not only on the surface, but throughout the entire sample. You can then refine the results with visual inspections.

The mineral identification greatly aids in core logging, and in understanding how element concentrations relate to mineral structures.

Stefan Sädbom
Senior Exploration Geologist

Geocore X10 delivers stunning 3D tomographic images and detailed elemental distribution patterns which allow geologists to study minerals, and their relation to structure and mineralization, in a way that has never been seen before.

Stefan Sädbom
Senior Exploration Geologist