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GeoCore X10


Fast 10 – 100 ppm detection limits for all base metals

The GeoCore X10’s powerful technology provides element concentrations in the fraction of the time a traditional analysis would take. And it analyzes the complete drill core, from the surface to the center.

A full range of elements

The GeoCore X10 detects almost all solid elements in the periodic system and it also uses advanced algorithms to accurately estimate concentrations levels for those elements which are harder to detect with its X-ray interference technology.

Click here a more in-depth discussion about accuracy and detection levels.

Adjustable scanning times

One of the key benefits of the GeoCore X10 is its flexibility in supporting a variation in scanning times depending on the accuracy required. Perform a quick short scan if you’re primarily interested in getting an overall idea of your drill core’s composition, or if you have many cores to scan and time is of the essence. You’ll still receive plenty of accurate information but the resolution will be lower when compared to a longer scan.

Once you have identified interesting drill core segments that you’d like to know more about, just perform a more in-depth scan for full-resolution data. And you don’t have to scan the full length of the core if you don’t think it’s necessary, the GeoCore X10 supports partial core scans.

Combine concentrations with 3D views

Once the drill cores are scanned a geochemical analysis is performed together with a mineral composition analysis. Plotted against the drill core, this information provides a wealth of information about the rock. Combined with a 3D visualization of the rock’s internal structural features, it’s easy to see how ore minerals are located in relation to other minerals and the structural features.

Non-destructive scanning

The GeoCore X10’s scanning process is non-destructive so drill cores can be scanned multiple times, at various resolutions. This makes it possible to return months, or even years, after the first assay was made. This is the power of non-destructive analysis!

Wide range of elements

In comparison to a lab analysis, the GeoCore X10 will calculate concentrations for a wide range of elements in one go. No need to pick-and-choose, you get the full report every time!

Complete core or user-definable segments

Choose to see elemental concentrations for the whole core or for selected length intervals. This allows you to focus on smaller interesting regions in the core.

User profiles

The Orexplore Insight has several predefined viewing profiles tailored for various use cases and it’s easy to add your own.

Multiple views

Elemental concentrations can be viewed and analyzed in several different ways, e.g. concentration plot along the hole, average values over a segment.

Detection levels

The GeoCore X10 is an advanced instrument that uses groundbreaking, state-of-the-art statistical and mathematical methods to provide the results you need. Actual detection levels and accuracy varies for different groups of elements.

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