GeoCore X10 detail

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GeoCore X10


Drill core density

GeoCore X10 eliminates uncertainty around the density of the drill core. During the scanning, each sample holder entered in GeoCore X10 is analyzed carefully to measure the density of the entire sample and calculate the variation with depth.

Porous materials

To get an accurate estimate of the density is hard, especially for porous or fragmented samples. Using traditional methods, pore spaces and voids are often filled with fluid, leading to an incorrect estimation of volume and therefore density. By using the tomographic image, combined with the sample weight measured as part of the core loading process, a more accurate density measurement is achieved.

Continuous density variation

You can now plot and visualize the density variation down the drill hole. More accurate information gives you better control over tonnage- and grade calculations and the metal content entering your process.

Show density of drill core sections

The user can display the density of any section selected, and visualize it in Orexplore Insight. Orexplore Insight can also export density data for use in other tools.