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Euro Mine Expo 2018

All pieces fell nicely into place for Orexplore at this year’s Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå 12-15 June where we presented the capabilities of the GeoCore X10 and also held two well-received talks. These tradeshows are an excellent opportunity for us to meet a lot of knowledgeable professionals to discuss how our new scanning technology can help improve your work.





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First GeoCore X10 at Lovisagruvan delivers results

Kevin (our CEO) held a talk on “penetrative X-ray analysis and 3D-tomography of geological materials for improved efficiency in exploration and mining” where he described the results from the first of four GeoCore X10s to be delivered to Lovisagruvan, a Swedish lead-zink mine. Initial scans have already shown promising results, as the machine identified previously unidentified mineralized segments.

Dr Jacek Kołacz, CEO of Comex, the latest member of the X-Mine project family, described how the project intends to bring novel mineral sorting technology to the market.

Orexplore is bringing something new and exciting to the industry.

Diving into the core

In another well-attended talk Alexander Hansson, Orexplore’s principal researcher, amazed the audience with the endless possibilities of automatic detection of geological planes, folds, foliations, lineations, and veins in drill core, all using 3D tomographic imagery from the Geocore X10.

Given the wealth of data that the GeoCore X10 can extract, coupled with the high cost of drilling, Alexander predicted that future drill campaigns will include a lot more structural information for an improved understanding of how the rock behaves beyond the drill holes.

About Euro Mine Expo

According to the organizers, the trade show had 2000 participants from over 40 nations, contributing and sharing in more than 70 learning sessions by professionals from the mining industry. 450 of the participants came from mines which make for exciting and pragmatic in-depth discussions.

In the news

If you’d like to read more about the X-Mine project, and Orexplore’s contribution, you should definitely check out the 2018 issue of Mining&Metal where there’s a GeoCore X10 is on the cover!