Orexplore Insight®

Orexplore Insight® is free to download. In unlicensed mode, the program is restricted to opening the example data available below, but has no further limitations in functionality.

If you are an Orexplore customer or partner, you will have received a license file with instructions, and will be able to open any data.

Orexplore Insight Software ore identification
System requirements

Microsoft Windows® 7/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Apple macOS® 10.12+
Linux (64-bit)
8 GB RAM or more
OpenGL 3.2 graphics

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Download example data

To let you explore the capabilities of Orexplore Insight®, we've prepared a couple of example data sets that are free for download.

Here's how to get started and open the examples:

1. Install Orexplore Insight®.
2. Download and extract the example data ZIPs provided below.
3. Double-click the .insight file within the extracted folder.
4. For more information, see the user manual.

Example 1: Pyrrhotite Intercept

Massive pyrrhotite intercept in a mafic matrix. The mineralized section, situated just above a cross-cutting quartz vein, shows concentrations of nickel. Some copper is also present throughout the sample.

Download ZIP (1.1 GB)

Example 2: Sulphides in Orthoclase

Folded clusters of disseminated sulphides are visible in an orthoclase matrix. While this sample is from a few meters below the main mineralization of a lead-zinc deposit, small amounts of lead can still be seen.

Download ZIP (1.1 GB)

Tutorial 1 Orexplore Insight® 
An introduction with geologist Stefan Luth