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GeoCore X10


Improved mineral processing

The GeoCore X10 allows you to identify, visualize, and measure important ore characteristics, such as grain sizes and their ratios, mineral distributions and deleterious elements.

Understanding of the ore from a geometallurgical perspective is an important part of mining operations in order to achieve optimal recovery rates. In-depth and accurate knowledge of different ore types, and their strength, structure, and grade, have a substantial impact on crushing, grinding and flotation processes.

Throughput forecasting and process control

Grain sizes and ratios

The stunning visual appearance makes it easy to understand the various mineral grain sizes, and also the grain size distributions, sometimes also inclusions and intergrowth. Sizes and their distributions of for example hard minerals, such as Pegmatite, can be crucial for setting correct milling parameters to achieve maximum liberation, in turn leading to maximized recovery. One example encountered in a Swedish mine operation was the realization that accurate throughput prognosis is paramount, as it has a direct effect on performance and bottom line.

Deleterious elements

The adverse effect of deleterious elements, such as arsenic, antimony, and bismuth, is a constant concern and needs to be monitored. The immediate analysis results identify these elements and in applicable cases also their location and distribution in relation to the mineral structures.

Closing the feedback loop

Many times a good grip on these input characteristics is otherwise hard to achieve, and their finer variation not known, leading to a recovery degradation. Significant improvements in long-term profitability can be realized when using this information to fine-tune operational planning by feeding detailed ore block information back into ongoing ore scheduling and resource estimation.