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GeoCore X10


Improve recovery with better data

Improved ore data can have a significant impact on recovery rates in the extraction process. And we all know that there’s a lot of money to be saved if problems can be discovered in the early stages of the whole mining process.

Ore variability

Ore deposits typically exhibit significant variability, with frequent differences between the averaged, estimated resource grade of an individual ore block and material on a mill conveyor at any point in time.

Ore selection

High density, accurate, and near real-time analysis reduces costs, and allow enhanced plant recovery through the improved characterization of ore being delivered to a processing plant.

Ore quality

Poor ore predictability can lead to crushing and treating waste or low-grade ore, or even the inclusion of deleterious materials, all of which increase costs and reduce product quality – thus profit.

Ore control

Ore flows are usually assessed by intermittent testing of only part of the stream, with samples sent away for laboratory analysis. The representativeness and validity of this testing relies on complicated and often poorly-understood sampling theory.

Results are heavily dependent on the sampling models used and are often received too late to optimize plant operation in real-time.

Knowledge of real-time ore characteristics ensures that the miner can follow the cut-off boundary as close as possible, minimizing the extraction of waste rock, increasing mining rate and product quality, reducing production costs including energy and water consumption, and reducing waste and pollution.

Drift optimization

Fast and dynamic drill core analysis helps with drift adjustments, either due to ore tracking problems, drift path planning or simply the need to explore further into the rock.