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GeoCore X10


Faster and smarter exploration

With the GeoCore X10, you can literally have your drill cores analyzed within the hour, opening up new and interesting opportunities for geologists.

You can begin to verify or expand your geological model almost immediately or update your exploration program in near real time depending on where you identify anomalies or geological structures.

All types of exploration

The GeoCore X10 is intended to be used in the field for both greenfield and brownfield exploration. The scanner is placed either in an on-site lab, core shed or in a mobile container, sheltered from dust and temperature fluctuations.

Dynamic drill plans and intelligent drilling

With the GeoCore X10, you now have the ability to re-think how you drill targets.

The conventional exploration drilling workflow is to define the drill plan, execute it, and then interpret the drill cores when the assay results are available, often long after drilling has finished. But the fast analysis of GeoCore X10 enables geologists to adjust drill plans for a more efficient collection of actionable information, leading to less required drilling, but more information about your target.

An interactive workflow

For example, halfway through a drilling program, you identify a previously unknown structure, which changes your modeled ore zone orientation. With the data from the GeoCore X10, you can now review this structural data in greater detail, giving you unprecedented insight into the geometry of the controlling structures and the option to adjust your drill program accordingly.

This interactive way of working is a great way to increase confidence levels in all types of exploration work. With almost immediate access to accurate analysis information, you stand a better chance of carrying out a successful exploration program.

3D geostructural information

Building good geological models is all about identifying and interpreting structures found far below the surface.

Traditionally, this has relied on imprecise angular measurements taken on features not always easy to identify from surface expressions. The GeoCore X10 take this work to the next level with its ability to visualize and organize structural information.

Whole-rock imaging

The tomography functionality of the GeoCore X10 allows you to see directly into the drill core. You can isolate interesting structures, their orientation, and get a clearer, more precise understanding of the various structural controls affecting the rock and ore genesis.

Building a geomodel

Once you begin to get an idea of existing structures from individual holes, you can use that information to continuously refine your geological model, while the comprehensive data suite collected allows you to save the most important commodity, time, freeing you up for further interpretation.

The data is easily exported to your favorite 3D ore modeling software.

From analog to digital data collection

As a geologist, you now have access to a wealth of information almost immediately, which adds to, and sometimes replaces more conventional analysis. The interactive nature of fast drill core analysis allows for a more dynamic way of interpreting the geology and potential targets.

With analysis performed in near real time, the work of a geologist becomes much more dynamic. Instead of waiting for weeks for lab reports or relying on spot XRF measurements, you can quickly and with greater confidence test targets, adjust to areas of more interest, and zero in on the results you want. This allows a more efficient use rig meters and field crew time.