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GeoCore X10

Improve everything

The digital impact on mining operations

By improving the understanding of the ore and the rock-forming process, the GeoCore X10 is set to affect investment decisions and mine design for multimillion-dollar assets.

Work faster. Save money.

The introduction of digital core analysis technology is a game-changer for the mining industry.

With an increasing drive to digitization being driven from the board level, rarely have geologists in the mining industry been able to collect and analyze so much information in such a short time.

The result? A deeper understanding of the orebody and its geological setting, resulting in the ability to maximize efficient mining.

Save time

Begin analyzing your 3D and analytical rock data an hour after the drill core is extracted.

Maximise consistency

The GeoCore X10 delivers consistent and reliable data.
Every time.

Reduce uncertainty

Stay informed and make better decisions with more, and higher quality data.

Decrease risk

Extensive data early in the process gives you the flexibility to adjust and reduce financial risks.


The GeoCore X10 extracts structural and elemental information from the entire drill core in near real-time. The data is stored in a digital archive, giving both field geologists and head office access to your campaign.

The work of a geologist can now become much more dynamic. Instead of waiting for weeks for lab results, you can now work in parallel with the drilling crews and update drill plans on the fly. And your colleagues back at the head office can track the drill program’s progress and access real data to an extent never before available.


The quick turn-around for critical decision-driving data allows technical staff to make more informed decisions about extending, re-prioritizing or cutting holes in order to maximize the efficiency of the mining operations.

Every kilo of mined rock brought to the surface has a cost attached to it. And if the value of the recovered metal is below that cost, you’re losing money. That’s why it’s so important to have as much knowledge about the ore as possible as early as possible.


The GeoCore X10 allows you to identify, visualize, and measure important ore characteristics such as grain size, liberation, inclusion, inter-growth, and hard and soft mineral ratios.

Coupled with an ore tracking system, this helps metallurgists adjust processing parameters with a feedforward (or “heads-up”) methodology. In other words, processing parameters can be modified prior to ore entering the concentration process, instead of after recovery degradation has occurred.