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Our company

This is Orexplore

Mineral explorers usually have a pretty good idea where minerals can be hiding, but without necessary tools and equipment, their chances of success are slim. Orexplore was created around the idea that a big part of a geologist’s work is analyzing rock – a process which hasn’t fundamentally changed for hundreds of years.

After extensive research, we have now developed the technology to not only analyze the elemental composition of rock, but also visualize the rock’s internal structure. And we can do it in a fraction of the time that a standard lab assay would take.

Like most other industries it’s also about data. By converting physical rock objects, and the data related to those rocks, into digital data, we open the door to a new world of analysis. Who knows the ways our brilliant customers will take advantage of this new opportunity? We’re only at the beginning of the digital revolution of the mining industry. We hope that you will join us on the journey!

Meet the board

Stefan Sädbom


Stefan Sädbom, (BSc) is a Senior Exploration Geologist with over 30 years’ experience of exploration and underground mining in highly deformed and metamorphosed Proterozoic terrains. He has long experience of a wide range of commodities and works with geological mapping, field work, sampling procedures, mine planning, monitoring, and logging. And he loves analyzing drill cores!

Kent Swick

Board member

Mr Swick is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years experience in civil construction, mining maintenance and surface and underground mineral drilling. He was previously employed by Atlas Copco Australia as a Maintenance Engineer managing underground maintenance, where he developed a strong understanding of underground mining methods and equipment. He is currently the MD of Swick Mining Services.

Magnus Rehn

Board member

Mr. Rehn has extensive experience and skill in developing international businesses, creating growth opportunities through new business ideas and models, managing reconstructions as well as building well-performing and target-oriented teams. He has hands-on business development experience from Europe, North America and Asia, particularly China, India, and Japan.

Meet the management

Kevin Rebenius

Managing Director

Kevin (M.Sc in Engineering and Business Administration) is a business development professional with a proven track record of growing product and technical consultant companies. Kevin has more than 15 years’ experience of working with sales and leadership within advanced product development companies. In 2010 he was one of the founders of Orexplore.

Doctor Mikael Bergqvist

R&D Manager

Mikael holds a Ph.D. in experimental physics and has extensive experience from the development of complex systems in high-tech companies. With recent appraised performance and experience as a technical account manager, Mikael has a strong combined understanding of both the engineering and business perspective. Responsible for the GeoCore X10 development project.

Historical highlights

Here are the milestones we’ve passed so far.


The initial ideas about combining high-energy XRF and X-ray absorption were born through the work of Swedish geo-technician Anders Ullberg and professor Ragnar Kullenberg.


X-ray detector technology has finally become precise enough for practical applications and Orexplore is founded.


Orexplore admitted to STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth), a business incubator, providing business development support and coaching.


Orexplore raises venture capital from Inlandsinnovation (IIAB).


Partners with Swick Mining Services, one of the worlds largest underground diamond drilling companies with operations in Australia, Europe, and North America.


Orexplore launches its first product, the GeoCore X10, for mineral analysis of drill core.


Orexplore Australia Pty is formed and a new office in Perth is opened to service the Australian market.


Without help from friends, research organizations and partners, Orexplore wouldn’t be possible. Share the love!

We are members of XMINE, an EU Horizon 2020 project for efficient and sustainable mining using X-ray technologies.


Join the movement to digitize your mining data. Let us tell you how we can help!