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GeoCore X10

Accelerated discovery in ore grading

The GeoCore X10’s advanced analysis capability provides geologists and metallurgists with a large amount of information in record time. The quick non-destructive scanning process lets you work faster while you explore “what-if”-scenarios and arrive at your conclusions.

Interactive exploration

Combine X-ray high-resolution 3D imaging and accurate geochemistry analysis in a way that’s never been possible before. Learn about your drill cores’ chemical composition, mineral makeup, geological structure, texture and density in one easy scan. The GeoCore X10 is a tool for professional geologists who want to examine deposits in a much quicker way and with better results.

Core data

The GeoCore X10 replaces traditional lab services with accurate on-site analysis of rock drill cores. Geologists can now take advantage of almost instantaneous information to help find and extract valuable mineral resources

Fast results

A batch of four cores completes in 60 minutes. And cores can be scanned directly after hole extraction – no cutting, pulverizing or prepping.

On-site use

Bring the GeoCore X10 to your cores instead of the other way around. It’s designed for reliable on-site use.


Drill cores are scanned without any destructive preparation, which means that you can retain a complete core library for future reference.

Interior scan

The GeoCore analyses 100 % of the core’s inner material, not only the surface like many other technologies.

Stefan Sädbom
Senior Exploration Geologist

The GeoCore X10 is an outstanding addition to any geologist’s tool box. Its ability to provide both comprehensive chemical and structural information, in one quick scan, is a key component to the digitalization of the mining industry.

Has it been Orexplored
Apr 3, 2018

Has it been Orexplored?

The digitalization of the mining industry will be disruptive and that's a good thing. Here are a few benefits for geologists and mining executives when they get their hands on a GeoCore X10.

Master thesis opportunities – apply now!

We have a openings for master thesis projects focused on machine learning and AI. If you are an engineering/computer science student interested in advanced 3D image processing you can send your application to [email protected] or contact Mikael Bergqvist, Ph.D., at +46 70-173 17 70 for more information.

Segmentation of 3D tomographic data sets

Find efficient techniques for segmentation of 3D reconstruction data into smaller volumes, representing different minerals.

Geological boundaries

Automatically find the boundaries of geological regions of interest by chemical content and the tomography textures of drill cores.

Encoding rules for geological classification

Using heuristics and machine learning to create decision models, for representing explainable geological classification rules.

Laser-based techniques for mineral identification

Interpret LIBS or Raman spectra, to complement detection of elements for the Orexplore technology.

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