Discover a revolutionary technology to explore and analyze core

We have an X-ray machine and a software that will change the quest for minerals in the mining industry forever. Prepare for a new way of working, learning and interacting. Starting from yesterday.

“The mining industry
must be future-proofed”

“The mining industry must be future-proofed. The challenge is to find more minerals at lower costs and in a more sustainable way. We know how to do that.”

— Kevin Rebenius, CEO


To Orexplore, it’s no wonder that a centuries-old industry must adapt its working methods to a new era. An era with an entirely new need for information, efficiency and sustainability. For the last 10 years, Orexplore has strived to come up with future-proof technology that meets all these demands. This is the result…

Orexplore Insight® — our own developed software that allows geologists to see inside the drill core

Orexplore Insight® visualises the core and the geologist can analyse minerals and structures in interactive 3D views. You can now analyse 100% of your core anywhere in the world, either from your laptop or from a local network share. Orexplore Insight® provides detailed concentrations for a wide range of elements. Combined with the tomographic 3D image, this provides powerful insights into the rock mineralogy.
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Disseminated Sulfides
Fold Hinge
Vein with Galena
Shear Band
Foliation with Sulfides
Orexplore-machine in cave

GeoCore X10 — our patented X-ray technology that delivers mineral information in just minutes

GeoCore X10 X-ray scans one meter drill core and then provides the information to Orexplore Insight® software in just 15 minutes. Unlike traditional measurement methods, the drill core is scanned without having to be destroyed.

Some of Orexplore’s customers use their own GeoCore X10 and scan the drill core directly at the mine. Other customers send their drill cores to be scanned at Orexplore’s office in Stockholm or Perth.

”All of us at Orexplore spend every day working hard to develop and refine our technology. Our true passion is to help our clients discover more minerals with better precision. We also strive to make mining more sustainable in the future.”

— Dr. Mikael Bergqvist, R&D Manager

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Finding minerals is becoming more difficult every day. This means that each drill core becomes more expensive while the demand for unusual metals is increasing. The mining of the future must therefore have more precision.

Leading innovation

We have since day one been forced to succeed with what no one else has succeeded with before. Our strong innovation culture has given us a unique patent and a software and technology that is unprecedented in the mining industry.

Creating sustainability

Today’s minerals are found deeper in the rock. This means that more rocks must be crushed and more drill meter must be made. Today’s methods therefore create unnecessary imprints in the environment. Imprints that can be avoided with new and more sustainable working methods.

1 – Work from anywhere

Our mission is extracting as much information from the rock as possible and to make that digital geological information available from anywhere.

2 – Virtual Core Farm™

Comprising a digital archive scanned drill core of the logging process.

3 – System integration

Striving for seamless integration with geomodelling software, such as Leapfrog, Move, Acquire and Vulcan.

Work with us — digitize your core

Benefit from continuous near-real time data by deploying the Geocore X10 on-site. Alternatively, get your cores scanned in one of our labs in Perth, Australia or in Stockholm, Sweden.

Core Camp

Deploy one or several GeoCore X10’s on-site to reduce logistical overhead and take advantage of quicker data turn-around times and improved workflow of non-destructive analysis. The service includes both machines and operators.

Lab Service

This option is targeted at smaller scale scanning needs, typically less than 1500m per month as an ongoing need or for a specific drilling campaign. The core samples are scanned at one of our scan lab locations and the data is provided for client analysis.


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