Reinventing the

mining industry

A new accurate on-site mineral analysis technology is coming soon!

The revolutionary Orexplore on-site scanner will

be released in 2016. Would your company benefit from a much better way of analyzing drill cores?

"We believe that one of the next important steps to improve and increase the efficiency of our mineral exploration is to get geochemical, mineralogical and rock structure data while drilling."


Rodney Allen

New Boliden

Manager Geology Research and Development

Drill core analysis

Next-gen tech

On-site scanner

A mine is no better than the quality of its exploration data.


For the first time, we bring fast, on-site, and non-destructive drill core analysis directly into the mining process.

Enhanced XRF+ technology, coupled with advanced algorithms and tomography, lets you discover the mineral composition at 100 ppm levels of any drill core.


Our own patented AXM technology allows full penetration analysis down to ppm levels for precious metals.


State-of-the-art tomography processing provides vital structural information in 3D space.

Our first product will focus on reliable on-site core analysis. It will be equally suited in a mine, a lab or in a core storage facility.


No more core cutting. No more prepping. No more waiting. Just load up to four cores and press a button.


It's easy to use, fast and extremely accurate.

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